Vegan Fish Taco Alternative at Revelle’s “64 Degrees”

The availability of food alternatives for those with food allergies or sensitivities has increased rapidly in recent years, and UCSD’s on-campus eateries are no exception. But is UCSD able to provide food alternatives that serve these needs and TASTE good as well? How do these alternative dishes stack up to their counterparts? In order to … Continue reading Vegan Fish Taco Alternative at Revelle’s “64 Degrees”

“Food Co-Op” Highlight

The Food Co-Op is in my opinion, one of the most underappreciated spots on campus. It functions as an entirely vegan, student-run, nonprofit corporation from 10-2:30pm on weekdays. (although the hours often change, check their Facebook page here for updates.) They accept cash, card, and TritonCash. It is located in the Old Student Center across … Continue reading “Food Co-Op” Highlight

Oceanview Terrace “Kerala Chicken” Food Review

The "Kerala Chicken with Indian Sweet Potato and Chickpeas" at OVT stands out from the staple campus restaurant menu of sandwiches and burgers, which is exactly what drew me to it. Oceanview Terrace (OVT), a UCSD eatery in Thurgood Marshall College, was under construction my freshman year, and I was drawn by promises of a … Continue reading Oceanview Terrace “Kerala Chicken” Food Review