A Fast and Healthy UCSD Breakfast

  Though it is incredibly important to health and performance, getting a nutritionally-balanced breakfast often becomes a greater challenge to students as the quarter progresses. The time they give themselves before class in the morning shrinks more and more as they stay up longer to study, and breakfast suffers as a result. What students need … Continue reading A Fast and Healthy UCSD Breakfast

The Basic Needs Hub

The Basic Needs Hub is a relatively new resource on campus, as it had its grand opening winter quarter 2018, and is located in the old student center next to the Food Pantry. The Basic Needs Hub’s mission is to help students satisfy basic needs to live and flourish as a student at UCSD. One … Continue reading The Basic Needs Hub

Smoothie Weather

Many UCSD students firmly believe that the spring quarter is when UCSD campus life is at its peak. The sun is shining, the waves are pounding, and the Sun God festival is less than a month away. No snack complements the perfect San Diego day better than a good smoothie. Luckily for UCSD students, there’s … Continue reading Smoothie Weather

Spring: What’s in Season?

One of the most exciting parts of Spring Quarter, aside from the warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and new classes- are all the different fruits and veggies that pop-up in the market. In-season fruits and veggies tend to taste better, while also being more cost-efficient. Here are a couple of my favorites to look out … Continue reading Spring: What’s in Season?