“Roots” Meal Recommendation-Vegan Chili Cheese Fries

If you are one of the many vegan/vegetarian/dairy-free students on campus, you have probably heard of the on-campus Dining location: “Roots.” This eatery is all-vegan so no need to ask the uncomfortable question of “what’s in the food?”

“Roots” has a relaxed atmosphere—students can often be found studying here while enjoying their meals. The “retro” style décor is complemented by the vibrant color scheme, making for a unique dining experience here on campus. As a plus, this Dining location is often less crowded than others on campus. Roots is centrally located in Muir College underneath “Pines.” They accept your Dining Dollars and Triton Cash!

Now to the best part: the food. Many students are at first hesitant to try “Roots” (since it is completely vegan). However, this dish always seems to change the mind of even the most skeptical foodies. These chili cheese fries are served classic style: vegan chili and creamy vegan cheese on a bed of French fries, topped with additional vegan cheddar cheese shreds. Here, they opt for crispy sweet potato fries, but I can attest that they add a delicious twist to the classic! The portion size is quite hefty and the meal itself is filling. If you haven’t tried this yummy dish or haven’t stepped foot in “Roots” yet, I strongly recommend these vegan chili cheese fries as a first taste!

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