“Food Co-Op” Highlight

The Food Co-Op is in my opinion, one of the most underappreciated spots on campus. It functions as an entirely vegan, student-run, nonprofit corporation from 10-2:30pm on weekdays. (although the hours often change, check their Facebook page here for updates.) They accept cash, card, and TritonCash. It is located in the Old Student Center across from Groundworks Book Store.

Their restaurant features a “hot bar” that has different hot food items throughout the week. They often serve a creamy vegan mac and cheese made with “Daiya” Vegan Cheese and Soymilk. When I visited, they were also serving burritos filled with tofu scramble and veggies. Additionally, they often carry vegan tamales, sambusas, stir-frys, and sandwiches.

They even do their best to keep prices as low as possible for students like us! One can often find the same products at The Food Co-Op cheaper than anywhere else on campus.

On Wednesday’s, they feature “Hare Krishna’s” catering services-at only $5 a plate, you can load up on some vegetarian cuisine that is foreign to UCSD’s usual food services. I opted for an entirely dairy-free, meat-free plate which was extreme filling.

My favorite part of the Food Co-Op is the environment, made up by the friendly volunteers and inviting décor. Despite being a somewhat small space, the Food Co-Op is covered in paintings and inspiring posters that exemplify what this non-profit is all about.

You can visit the Food Co-Op for yummy, low-cost food, intriguing conversations, or even just for a unique place to study. If you would like to get involved, stop by to pick up an application to volunteer!