HDH Event: Black History Month

On Wednesday February 7th, I stopped by the HDH “Black History Celebration” at OceanView located in Thurgood Marshall College to check out the food and environment that I had read so much about in advertisements around campus. HDH did not disappoint.

As a vegan student, I was feeling anxious about the vegan options (or lack of vegan options) that would be available to me. I was happy to find that there were plenty of vegan and vegetarian options clearly labeled on the special Black History Celebration Menu. Even better, is how knowledgeable the staff was about the menu when I asked for clarification.

Pictured above are the three vegan items I ordered. I opted for seared coconut milk tofu which was very flavorful- a rare occurrence for tofu that isn’t totally fried. For my two sides, I chose Harissa Potatoes and Okra Stewed with Tomato Carrots.


The potatoes were the highlight of my meal; they were well-seasoned and were just spicy enough to not overwhelm my taste buds. As for the stewed okra; this side was savory and quite tasty, but unfortunately had a slimy texture which made it difficult to finish.

Overall, I was satisfied with my vegan meal, and was pleasantly surprised that I had so many options to choose from.  As a bonus, my meal was entirely gluten-free as well! The menu also featured Ethiopian green bean stew with carrots and tomato, East African Cucumber and Mango Salad, and Amanprana which were all vegan and gluten free options as well.

The ambiance of the event was really centered in the performances that took place throughout the day. Music filled OceanView and the customers really seemed to enjoy the change of scenery; it was a great event to go to and take a break from the stress of student life with a meal and some music.

If you want information about future HDH events, click here.

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