Nutrition Tips to Surviving UCSD Midterms and Finals

The nutritional journey of a UCSD student is filled with ups and downs. Many start the quarter off eating right, exercising in RIMAC, and getting enough sleep, just to see their new habits come crashing down once they’re stranded in the library cramming for midterm or final exams! It’s easy to think that the short-term nutritional sacrifices don’t mean much compared to the permanence of grades. But ill-advised health choices during these testing periods can affect your grades very negatively!

Here are a few tips for maintaining your health without distracting you from your studies!

Eat well-balanced meals – It’s easy to fall into the trap of sugary or salty carbohydrate – heavy snacks because of their convenience. But these foods will just make you lethargic, less efficient in your studies, and even hungry again! Instead, choose a balanced fix of protein, carbs, and healthy fats to keep you full and performing your best – and ready to hit the beach during Spring Break!

Have a plan for food – One reason many students find themselves fuel up with unhealthy snacks is that health is the last thing on their mind during exam season. This can easily be solved with food preparation beforehand or utilizing study breaks as a chance to grab some food nearby. Some good options close to Geisel Library are Price Center, Goody’s Restaurant and Market, the Old Student Center, or Audrey’s Cafe within Geisel itself!

Stay Hydrated! – Water is vital to your academic performance, with dehydration bringing on many of the same negative effects on your studying as unhealthy snacks. Plus, water is free for broke UCSD college students! Bring a reusable water bottle or fill study breaks with trips to the water fountain! Here’s a map of all of UCSD’s Hydration Stations: (

Have you tried out any of these tips yourself? Let us know in the comments!



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