Vegan/Gluten-Free Sushi

For this week, I decided to check out Canyon Vista in Earl Warren College. After taking a look at their online menu, I found that one of the few vegan options here is their “Tofu and Avocado Roll” which is also served in Muir College’s Pines on a daily basis (except weekends)! You can check their menu for updates here.

When ordering, if you are allergic or have strict dietary needs, you can ask the server to switch their gloves and knife if they don’t ask you already! Additionally, there are a few vegan topping options as well: including, teriyaki sauce, wasabi, fresh ginger, and sesame seeds. Note that teriyaki sauce and soy sauce are NOT gluten free however!

Pictured above, I opted for sesame seeds as my topping of choice. I was surprised at how flavorful this meal was with such simple ingredients. The tofu and avocado makes a great combination with the crunch of sesame seeds. I found myself wishing that the sushi chef had left out the bulky carrot chunks however, because biting into them made it really difficult to taste anything else. Even so, I found that they were easy to remove and did not inhibit my dining experience once removed.

Taking a closer look, this meal has 9 grams of protein and only 302 calories! It made me happy to know that there was a tasty vegan/gluten free option that had some protein and wasn’t a total diet-killer. You can check the nutrition facts here, and can check the facts for any food offered by HDH online!

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