TritonEats held our first-ever Food Demo!

TritonEats is a nutrition and wellness hub, by the students and for the students. We partnered with The Zone and exercised our cooking skills to get connected with students like you who benefit from discussion and demonstration on how to mix things up in the kitchen as a student.

For the main course, Sidney Yerger and I cooked a quick and easy creamy pasta, served with nutritional yeast and basil to garnish. The recipe is easy to vegan-ize with non-dairy milk and was also easy to make gluten-free with gluten-free pasta. It only dirties one pan in the process of cooking it!

For dessert, we made vegan rice-crispies with vegan marshmallows and coconut oil to replace the traditional gelatin marshmallows and dairy butter that is used in rice crispy treats. Not the healthiest of desserts, but perfect for those “treat yo-self” moments we all deserve once in a while.

A special thank you to The Zone for having such a special set-up for the students and for us at TritonEats. We loved working with the friendly, knowledgeable students at The Zone. This was our first attempt at a cooking demo, and they were VERY helpful.  We couldn’t have done it without them!

During the down-time of cooking, fellow Content-Creator Bailey held an interactive presentation-students had a chance to answer questions and talk-through the student experience with health together; keep an eye out for future TritonEats with more opportunities to engage with us! We love hearing your thoughts!

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