What if I have allergies?

Welcome to our UCSD family and to Triton Eats! We’re glad you’re here and are happy to help with your nutrient needs.

There are two options if you have allergies.

If your allergy is not severe, or not medically documented:

You will be able to self-manage using our online menu. All of our menus are available here , complete with ingredients and nutritionals.

The menu changes daily at each of our Dining locations, so be sure to check out your options before you go.

If cross-contamination isn’t an issue, make sure to scrutinize the ingredients. Don’t ever assume, and ask the manager when you have questions about the ingredients and preparation.

Be sure to check out this page for tips and tricks for dealing with allergies in the restaurants and markets from your fellow students!

If your allergy is medically documented:

You will have to register with the Office for Students with Disabilities to be approved for special food accommodations. See more information below on this process. Once registered, you are eligible to receive custom meals prepared for you in a cross-contamination free “safe zone”.

Getting Approved for Special Food Accommodations

To be eligible for special food accommodations, you will have to register with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD).

To set up an appointment with OSD, call 858.534.4382. You can then start filling out the intake forms and gathering the necessary medical documentation.

Once approved, you will receive a copy of your AFA letter. It is very important to return this signed letter to the HDH Dietitian. Upon receipt of your signed letter, the dietitian will forward your dietary accommodations directly to our Dining staff, who will provide you with a custom meal prepared in a cross-contamination free safe zone.

Registering with OSD

Check out OSD’s website for complete information on registering.

All newly admitted students who have submitted their intent to register need to contact OSD immediately to discuss accommodation needs. If you’re an extension student, call Elizabeth Silva at 858.534.5798 or easilva@ucsd.edu.

If you have questions on registering with OSD, make sure to ask! It’s very important that your documentation addresses your current, functional limitations particularly as they pertain to an academic setting.

Call OSD at 858.534.4382 to make an appointment.

Once you are approved from OSD

The dietitian will contact you upon receipt of your signed AFA letter to set up a time to meet. You will choose a restaurant that is close to your dorm or classes, meet the chefs and the management, and review your meal options.

Once you’ve met with the dietitian and the restaurant staff, you’re all set! You just need to call ahead to have your specialty meal prepared.

To order your meal:

  1. Call about 30 minutes ahead to your preferred Dining location (email HDHDietitian@ucsd.edu for the phone number) and check out our Dining Locations page for more info on each restaurant).
  2. Announce yourself to the manager on duty when you arrive in the facility. Tell them your name, allergy, and that you’re here to receive a safe-zone meal.
  3. If you require any changes to your meals, tell the managers and chef and make sure to alert the dietitian.

Additional Resources

Another resource at your fingertips is the HDH Dietitian! We can help you choose which foods will be safe and nutritious anywhere on campus. Send an email to HDHDietitian@ucsd.edu to set up an appointment.

Check out our website for complete menus and ingredient information.

The markets can accommodate your dietary needs as well. Many students have mentioned how helpful the markets are when dealing with allergies! Check out this post for more info on specialized items at the markets.