Market Location Overview: Roger’s Place & Market

Late to class? In a hurry? Convenience is key? Check out Roger’s Place and Market located on the southwest corner of campus nestled in between Challenger Dorm Hall, HDH Administration, and the 64 Degrees Restaurant. It is a stone’s throw away from six residence halls known as The Fleet, as well as the Keeling Apartments that house the majority of Revelle residents. It’s also right on the way for those arriving and walking into campus from the P103 Parking Lot. Thus, Roger’s is best utilized as a quick grab-n-go stop for students walking (sprinting?) to and from class. There is also great radio music lineup playing all day!

Market Highlights

  • You can find a wide range of foods here that cater to most dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, and non-allergenic foods.
  • The refrigerated section boosts multiple options for premade sandwich’s, salads, and wraps. The Mediterranean white bean salad is particularly tasty and healthier option!
  • In the mood for less healthy, but an ultimate throwback to 2nd grade meal? Roger’s carries the classic Bagel Bites and Lunchables for you to enjoy.
  • Roger’s carries some unique items not typically found at the grocery store. It has a large supply of Asian style products like the infamous Pocky, Mochi ice cream balls, and variety of imported microwavable noodle bowls from Asian food companies like the Shin Bowl by Nongshim. You can also grab a package of hardboiled eggs or bake-at-home bread.

  • While Roger’s has pre-made and convenience store style items, it also carries many items that you can buy and make your own meal with. Try buying the frozen wild caught salmon fillets, green beans, corn, and rice for healthy dinner.
  • Roger’s boasts a large drink selection and full service café. Selections include the standard cheap drip coffee, café mocha, or if your feeling fancy perhaps a blended Chai latte. Want a pastry with your coffee? No problem. They have entire glass display case full of bagels, donuts, and other selected goodies.
  • It doesn’t stop at food. Roger’s carries a full stock of everyday dorm and apartment items including soap, sponges, wipes, paper towels, Tupperware, laundry supplies, air fresheners and more. They even sell toasters, hand mixers, and rice cookers!

Healthy Items

  • Fresh fruit and pre-cut fruit cups are made daily
  • Watermelon + grapes + cantaloupe + honeydew
  • Pineapple + orange slices


  • Have celiac disease or follow the gluten-free diet? Roger’s has a number of gluten-free items.
  • For breakfast there are Glutino Strawberry Toaster Pastry’s or two different gluten free oat cups
  • At lunch and dinner Saffron Road frozen meals are healthier option that range from 300-450 calories total per container. Look for the “GF” symbol on the box.
  • For pre-class snack try the Perfect Bars found in the refrigerated section
  • Gluten-free bread is also available


  • Vegetarians will find many suitable food choices, while vegans the options are less, but still available.
  • The California Wrap in premade refrigerated section is vegan friendly and packed with veggies. You can also find Tofurky deli slices and sausages as a start to a vegan meal.
  • Pick up some Toffuti Cuties (mint or vanilla) for a good vegan dessert.
  • Amy’s frozen bowls and pizza are all vegetarian choices for lunch and dinner that don’t require much effort.
  • Premade vegetarian options include: mozzarella and tomato on focaccia bread, southwest or tortellini pasta salad, cheese and fruit bistro box. Unfortunately, at this time there are no vegan premade options.


  • Roger’s delivers quite a variety of healthy, less healthy, gluten-free, and vegetarian choices that are meant to be convenient and quick. A vegan may struggle here to find many items that are suitable, but they do carry some vegan-friendly items.